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For very recent acts, bill numbers are included with the slip law (a pamphlet version of the new law, which serves as the official version until the next compilation of is published).Slip laws are available in the Federal Area (current Congress) and full-text via Gov Info (1995 - present).

The “Actions” tab for a particular bill is useful for determining what legislative history materials exist for a particular law, and will link to any available reports and debates (generally 1994-present).There are separate numbered series of House and Senate reports for each two-year congressional term.Conference reports are numbered within either the House or Senate series. 97-857" (i.e., the 857th House report issued by the 97th Congress).Considerable research time can be saved if a legislative history has already been compiled for the law in question. Most sources listed by Johnson provide the actual texts of legislative history documents (with many available in the library's book collection or electronically through Hein); some are journal articles or other sources that provide only citations to relevant documents. (LLSDC) indexes Legislative Histories of Selected U. Another valuable source for compiled legislative history materials is Pro Quest Legislative Insight, available to current members of the Duke University community. This database provides a comprehensive and searchable collection of documents related to a particular Public Law number, including alternate versions of bills which did not become the final law.Available compilations of legislative histories are listed by Public Law number and by , 2d ed. Hein's Federal Legislative History Title Collection includes online versions of many compiled legislative history publications, making it an excellent starting point for legislative history research. It includes nearly 30,000 compiled legislative histories for federal laws (mostly 1929 - present, with some coverage back to 1897). Current members of the Duke Law community also have access to have access to Westlaw's FED-LH database, which includes PDFs of legislative histories compiled by the U. Westlaw's Arnold & Porter Legislative Histories collection includes compiled legislative histories for many major federal statutes.

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