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The high beta-carotene and lycopene activity of apricots makes them important heart health foods.Both beta-carotene and lycopene protect LDL cholesterol from oxidation, which may help prevent heart disease.All of our products are enzyme-based which means they are safe for the environment, humans and animals.We are a very green company that are trying to change the way commercial cleaning harms the planet." The council has not yet confirmed that the toilets will receive more cleaning attention in the future.(Agave schottii)Agave nectar (syrup), is produced by the agave plants that grow in the volcanic soils of Southern Mexico.

Agave syrup which has been refined contains very little nutritional value and high sugar content.It can be applied externally with beneficial results in scabies, eczema, sun-burn and itching of the skin due to cold exposure.Apricot stones can be ground and used as a skin scrub.lanine, arginine, ash, aspartic acid, beta carotene, betaine, choline, cryptoxanthin, cystine, flavonoids, fructose, glucose, glutamic acid, glycine, histidine, insoluble fibre, isoleucine, leucine, lutein, lycopene, lysine, methionine, pectin, phenylalanine, phloridzin, phytosterols, proline, protein, quercetin, rutin, serine, soluble fibre, starch, sucrose, threonine, tryptophan, tyrosine, valine and zeaxanthin.We want to showcase that just because these public conveniences are old, they can still be left in a clean and tidy state." Mr Gregory-Foster also stressed that as well as making sure the toilets are clean, they will make sure the job is handled in an environmentally friendly way, as with all their cleaning work.He said: "As a cleaning company we use no harmful chemicals.

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