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Apparently, the prevailing view adopted by conservatives is that working promotes good health which they can use to justify that this policy change would further the objectivs of Medicaid.

The legal issue is that states must obtain federal permission to depart from Medicaids usual rules, using a process known as 1115 waivers for the section of the law under which the program exists.

And while lawmakers say theyre close to a tentative immigration compromise to preserve DACA protections by packaging them with a border-security package that will presumably include some funding for the presidents promised border wall, the White House is already starting its crackdown on M Read more.....

Ten to 12 of the closed stores could be converted to e-commerce facilities, the spokesperson said.To get around this, the 10-page letter argues that working promotes good health and repeatedly asserts that the change fits within the programs objectives.The guidance cites research that it says demonstrates people who work tend to have higher incomes associated with longer life spans, while those who are unemployed are more prone to depression, poorer general health, and even death.Theyre just waiting for federal permission to impose work requirements on able-bodied adults in the medicaid program.Furthermore, three other states are contemplating them.

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