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However from year 2010, due to low budget, we are not going to be giving Lamborghini as an option anymore. These are more or less similar to the Date Tracked enabled tables; however these tables do not use the composite primary key like the former.

In this case, we are going to populate an end date (EFFECTIVE_END_DATE) on the Lamborghini record with a date of 31-DEC-2009. These tables use only one Primary key, but with two date fields - DATE_FROM and DATE_TO. Although they serve the same purpose of storing historical and future records, unlike the Date Tracked tables, the consistency of data is not maintained. As we would need the position column to be maintained without any hassle of dates, we created two new fields and then tried identifying individual rows with the combination of EMP_ID and the date columns.

So that it will tell me, the car was available in past, but is not available now (01-JAN-2010). So we can consider these to be partially date tracked. So that enabled me with features like, Update, Correction, Insert and Replace. Joe's address, we will keep it in a table, that can just tell me, since when, till when did he live in a given address, we do not want any complexity of Insert and replace.

Along with that, fields like name, gender, date of birth, and all basic details are present in this table.The date track also makes us capable of storing Future data. And will update the manager record's END_DATE column with 31-DEC-2013, right?So having the EOT in the EFFECTIVE_END_DATE column does not always fetch us the currently active record. If we were to know the position he was in, as of a date in 2008; how do we do that? Initially he joined as an Analyst, then he got promoted to senior analyst, then he became, the manager of a department.

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