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There are more hobbies in the world than I can list, so I will share some that worked for me—perhaps they will inspire you or remind you of things you can rediscover.There are several tasty alternatives to try instead of alcohol.

These include meditations, quiet walks, moments of reflection, and continued awareness of the moment one is living in.Without the buffer of booze, I was only left with my raw instincts and crystal-clear vision.By the end of the date, I picked up on our incompatibility as partners because our personalities were not cohesive. If I had been drinking, there was no way I could've picked up on the fact that sexual chemistry is all we shared.The anxious or depressed mind may be weaker than the happy mind, so plan ahead on good days for challenging evenings.Here are a few examples of ways that you can prepare for these evenings and cope with triggers: Often, we turn to alcohol out of “experiential avoidance”: a desire to avoid our experiences as they are being presented to us, and instead modify or replace or ignore them.

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