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The famous Pratt University makes its home here as well.Limited edition prints of 100© Grégoire Ganter 2002 - 2017Cobble Hill was my first Brooklyn neighborhood and is filled with charming streets, parks and the finest collection of row houses New York has to offer.Limited edition prints of 100© Grégoire Ganter 2002 - 2017Whoever has not gone to Coney Island should certainly go to discover its true Brooklyn flavor.Although the original coneys (rabbits) who once populated the land are no longer there, It is well worth a trip for locals and tourist alike and is filled with colorful attractions.Limited edition prints of 100© Grégoire Ganter 2002 - 2017This collage features letters and images all shot within New Yorkʼs No Li Ta neighborhood.The image includes shots of the original Saint Patricks Church, street art, and lovely street scenes that make No Lita one of New Yorkʼs most charming neighborhoods.Limited edition prints of 100© Grégoire Ganter 2002 - 2017Where can you find a world famous dance center (Mark Morris), some of the best performing arts in the world (BAM), quiet tree lined streets, a park designed by Olmsted and Vaux and a replica of the Eiffel tower all within blocks of each other - Fort Greene! Limited edition prints of 100© Grégoire Ganter 2002 - 2017Prospect Heights is home to the Brooklyn Museum, the Botanic Gardens, and a very fine public library.Being in Brooklyn, it has its fair share of lovely streets and homes as well.

It is a true melting pot of cultures and religions and is often visually stunning in its own special way.

As children, we often have little to no thought about the movies we watch, video games we play, or music we listen to.

I️ grew up in early 2000’s bliss enjoying The Powerpuff Girls, Barbie, Dora, among other favorites.

New restaurants and music venues lay side to side with tenements and ancient synagogues.

The signs and street art are also everywhere, adding artistic layers wherever one chooses to look.

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