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Its main function was to sift and record orders relating to the Army that were issued by various Departments of the East India Company for the territories under its control.With the Charter Act of 1833, the Secretariat of the Government of the East India Company was reorganised into four Departments, including a Military Department.The army in the Presidencies of Bengal, Bombay and Madras functioned as respective Presidency Armies until 1 April 1895 when they were unified into a single Indian Army.For administrative convenience, it was divided into four commands at that point, namely Punjab (including the North West Frontier), Bengal, Madras (including Burma) and Bombay (including Sind, Quetta and Aden).

It is an all-volunteer force and comprises more than 80% of the country's active defence personnel.

Learn what ‘First Conditionals’ and ‘Zero Conditionals’ are, when we use them, and how we use them correctly!

I’ll also teach you the differences between them, so you’ll never confuse them again.

A Sikh soldier of the 4th Division (the Red Eagles) of the Indian Army, attached to the British Fifth Army in Italy.

Holding a captured swastika after the surrender of German forces in Italy, May 1945.

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Behind him, a fascist inscriptions says "VIVA IL DUCE", "Long live the Duce" (i.e. In the 20th century, the Indian Army was a crucial adjunct to the British forces in both world wars.

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