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You're about to witness the happiest couple in the whole world..what makes them so happy?

The cuckold's extremely excited to see his woman getting her ass stretched from one side of the room to the other.

The filthy sink and toilet are matched in only matched in filth by Kiss' mindset as she goes to work in the gloryhole.

Her mouth houses a black dick that gets coated by the red lipstick she has on.

He instructs the Bulls to finish the job they started, right after he reassures Britney he's not mad at all. Cameron Member Comments: klaue8****: AWESOME SCENE. There was a beautiful scene she performed on the old Bridgette Kerkove site where she was dressed up as a dominatrix, full makes up, PVC hat, Black PVC thigh boots and smoking (very sexy)She looked a real stunner.

Britney's relieved to hear Hubby is a cuck, and she proceeds to give him the show of a lifetime. Bring her back and complete the show with a really big dark black cock for sucking fucking, a creampie and a facial Add Your Comments Wife Cameron - Rating: 8.73Cameron Cameron has a problem...she's married to a shrimpy-dicked white dude, but secretly craves the long black meatstick!

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