How long have gabrielle union and dwyane wade been dating

The ceremony, which had over 300 guests, was filmed by VH1 for a reality series, titled Kobe Bryant got engaged to Vanessa in May 2000, when she was still a senior in high school.

They were married on April 18, 2001 in Dana Point, Calif.

If you ever get a chance to tour Akron, Ohio, with Savannah and Le Bron James, they might show you the tree-lined street Savannah grew up on with her parents, and the low-income housing where Le Bron lived with his mom. Also on the tour, Savannah’s high school, where Savannah was a cheerleader and still, in a way, is a cheerleader today.

Mary, Le Bron’s high school, where a tourist or two shows up every couple of days hoping for a peek at the gym that the four-time NBA MVP started out at, and that the Le Bron James Family Foundation renovated.

They have two daughters, Riley Elizabeth Curry, who was born in 2012, and Ryan Carson Curry, who was born in 2015was married to Spurs point guard Tony Parker.

The beauty and the Warrior eventually got married on July 30, 2011.

While many basketball wives and husbands sink under the weight, there are NBA marriages that have thrived.

Kudos to the twosomes who have managed to stay together, because we think the deck, as blinged out as it is, isn't always stacked in their favor.

Infidelity seems to be one major problem plaguing the lives of basketball wives.

Due to the copious amount of away games, NBA players are always on the road which only lends itself to temptation and allure.

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The actress married the French NBA star in a civil service in Paris on July 6, 2007. 17, 2010, citing "irreconcilable differences."Soon after filing, the star said she caught the French athlete cheating, claiming that she'd discovered hundreds of text messages between her ex and Erin Barry, the then-wife of Brent Barry, Tony's former teammate.

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