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Many of the groups adopted military style uniforms and established a hierarchy of formal ranks, a big change from the informal clothing and rule by consent of the pre-war youth groups.However, they shared some of the same themes, opposing a return to the old social status quo, while working to create an idealistic new era, a better Germany, a better world perhaps.The Catholic Youth Organisation, the Boy Scouts, along with a variety of political, religious, para-military, and sports groups sprang up, organised so that youth was indeed led by youth, with the leader being just a few years older than the boys he led.At the outbreak of World War I in 1914, most German youths were quickly caught up in the war mania that swept Germany and enthusiastically went off to the battlefield anticipating it as a noble, romantic experience that would mould them into 'new men.' In reality, they died by the millions, cut down by the machinery of modern warfare: including machine-guns, mustard gas and explosive artillery shells.

In 1920, he renamed it as the National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei) called the NSDAP or Nazi Party.

By November 1923, the Nazis, with 55,000 followers, were the biggest and best organised. The result was Hitler's Beer Hall Putsch in which he attempted to seize power in Bavaria.

On November 9, a column of three thousand Nazis, led by Hitler, marched toward the centre of Munich but soon encountered a police blockade.

Every second Sunday was spent in mandatory hiking trips across the countryside.

The League also established its own libraries for members excluding "trashy literature." The first uniforms were copied from the brownshirted SA.

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