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Justin had described a previous job as the editor of an adult magazine and that involved doing research on adult activities in the city where he worked.He knew all about the fetish community, BDSM, and swinging.Only cautiously did they reveal small parts of themselves and their histories.Based on hints and statements, Barbara learned that Justin once went to the same upscale nudist resort in central Florida where she and her husband were once members.

Sure, such young men were capable of enthusiastic sex and Barbara found it fun. The other men she dated were definitely her age or above. It was also a chance for her to get out of the house and away from her business partner.Regardless, if he was over 5'8" - her own height - he might be interesting for a date. If discretion is the better part of valor, Barbara and Justin were well beyond valor and into military secret levels of discretion.Neither asked too many questions about their respective pasts, sexual or otherwise.If Barbara wasn't traveling, she sent her business partner out to sell the merchandise.If all three were in the house, Barbara kept to herself in her own room so she responded to messages from her online dating profiles. One of Barbara's photos featured her wearing a tight cat suit costume. She liked events where she could both sell her custom jewelry and show off her newish figure. Virtually all of the men mentioned that one photo and ignored the rest.

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By this time, Barbara had moved an hour and a half north of Fort Lauderdale so they chatted online quite a bit along with the occasional phone call.

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