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Whilst waiting for it to get dark, the club holds a hero show whilst Hasumi and Yuka recall their childhood, in which they met an old lady who loves stargazing together.

Izumiko reveals she is the personal maid for Itsuki, who is the successor to the Noya group, often treating him like a toy.As Kyoko remains undeterred and decides to shoot a PV to recruit musicians, the gang follow Neko-sensei and discover their teacher, Shōko Ōmori, is an obsessive stalker.Later, Kyoko arranged for Itsuki and Hakata to be locked in the clubroom in the hopes of gaining some 'interesting footage', but also to get Izumiko to get over Itsuki.It is then revealed that the hero show was a part time job so the club could rent a telescopic camera to take a picture of the Rosette Nebula the old lady had always wanted to see.Episode Parody: Metal Hero Series - mainly Space Sheriff Shaider Kyoko impulsively decides to form a band, only to realise no one can actually play any instruments.

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