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Here is something one of my family members recently said to me in regards to his choice to have no profile photo on his homepage: “I don’t want all kinds of perverts and predators looking at my picture; the last thing I need is a stranger getting off on my photo.” Let’s first give you a mental picture of this family member: he is in his mid-50s, roughly 250 lbs, generally wears khaki shorts and flannels everywhere he goes, and spends the majority of his time drinking Coors, playing video poker, and scratching his unkempt mustache.

So my first response to this is that he should be so lucky to have anyone looking at his photographs online obsessively with the fires of lust burning below the keyboard.

It’s still true, faithful blog followers: we live in a material world and are a bunch of material girls.

#2 It further implies that if you are not horrible to look at, you are terribly narcissistic and paranoid.

Maybe you’re a woman with a full beard; possibly you’re a man for whom the size of your entire face is roughly 1/8th the size of your nose.

Perhaps you are just like the rest of us going into our thirties and wondering when, exactly, the break-outs are actually going to stop.

Excuse #2: Someone I know might recognize me If someone recognizes you, they are online as well! Everyone is in it together – and a basic etiquette exists among most members. ” However, if both of you are comfortable and find a neutral way to address the idea, you may just find a new partner in crime.

Best case scenario, though, you now know that the hot guy on the 2nd floor of your building is single.

Just like a party invitation – if it looks like junk mail it does not get opened. You’re frustrated with me and saying, “Heidi Lee, a little help, please! Dating is scary, and online dating can be nerve-wracking.

In the space of a little over a month I have been emailed by no less than 116 scammers.

Zoosk tells you that they look at all of the pictures before they are posted. They post the pictures and if someone complains THEN they take them down. I have made Zoosk aware of this and all I get back are canned emails about how sorry they are that my dating experience has been bad.

When your picture finally goes live, you feel like you’ve made that final leap into a daunting new world.

Let’s look at each of your excuses and see if we can help you to overcome them, shall we?

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