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That stillness proper to the most beautiful things in existence dominates, a quiet area of attentiveness in which the beautiful and truly important reign.We must earnestly de­sire stillness and be willing to give something for it; then it will be ours.The mere desire for it is not enough; we must practice it.The minutes before Holy Mass are best; but in order to have them for genuine preparation we must arrive early.He is experiencing stillness as a breach in the unwinding road of speech and sound, which he attempts to fill with something, anything.

It would be still better to begin on our way to church. Why not let the way there be an exercise in composure, a kind of overture to what is to come? It implies above all that speech end and silence prevail, that no other sounds — of movements, of turning pages, of coughing and throat-clearing — be audible. Men live, and living things move; a forced outward conformity is no better than restlessness.People are often heard to say: “But I can’t help coughing” or “I can’t kneel quietly”; yet once stirred by a concert or lecture they forget all about coughing and fidgeting.We have discussed stillness in the presence of God.Only in such stillness, it was contended, can the congregation fundamental to the sacred ritual come into being.

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