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There are one-of-a-kind Mauser trials rifles from Sweden chambered for the 8x58RD (Jones 20).In Figure 1 are shown the M1889 and M1908 cartridges developed in Denmark for the M1889 Krag-Jrgensen.Remington Model 67 rolling block rifles in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark were reworked to chamber the cartridge.

Unfortunately, I have as yet to find documentation of the Danish K-J rifles smokeless cartridge normal operating pressures and what pressures they were proofed at.Acknowledgements The work on this project would not have been possible but for the generous help and contributions of friends and firearms enthusiasts in the USA and Europe.John Unze provided the Norma factory ammunition and historic Norma literature which form a foundation for much of this work.Values given for pressures specified in design development or realized during testing probably had considerable error factors, so there may be several thousand actual PSI difference between the true pressure and the measurement given or recorded.Nevertheless I believe a safe range of loadings can be developed that will also not cause undue stress and wear on the old rifles (see Footnote 2 for a discussion of pressure measurement).

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