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In addition, Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe were running the clothing store Dash next door.Kim was also working as a stylist/closet organizer whose clients included hotel heiress Paris Hilton.Also on tonight's episode, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian try to start a business venture together that doesn't get off the ground very easily and Kendall Jenner is super pissed at sister Kylie Jenner over a party. Los Angeles (CNN) -- An anonymous client wants to buy the Kim Kardashian sex tape from the porn company that owns it so it can be taken off the websites where people now pay to view it, according to a lawyer.Sponsored social media posts also make up ‘about 25% of their income’ according to Michael Heller, the CEO of digital-marketing firm Talent Resources – the company that arranges many of the reality-TV family’s deals.Some companies are willing to pay nearly half a million dollars to get access to Kim’s 98.7 million Instagram followers, said Heller: ‘They only endorse what aligns with their lifestyle.

, Kim Kardashian convinced her sisters and mom to participate in a media training to prepare them for tough interviews in the future. "I think somebody with a little elegance and class and somebody that's been divorced but trying to stay on good term with the family might have written, ‘Wow, married to her, didn't work out, she's a great girl, wish it could have been different.'"Caitlyn wasn't the only sensitive topic for Kris.During the session, lots of sensitive topics were brought up, including Kris Jenner's strained relationship with ex Caitlyn Jenner."Kris, looking back, were there signs that Bruce at the time wanted to become a woman? " one of the trainers asked Kris."No, I don't think I turned a blind eye, I think I just didn't have the whole truth of what was going on in his life," Kris answered. "So has called it ‘The Kardashian Decade: how a sex tape lead to a billion dollar brand,'" the leader said.Later on, Kris was asked, "What were some of the most hurtful things in Caitlyn's book? "Kris, interestingly your eyes dropped when Jen got to the mention of the tape.""I know," Kris smiled."I think try to keep that eye contact and not look like, ‘Ugh.' Almost like that poked in the ribs a little bit," they told Kris."Don't be ashamed! Meanwhile, Kourtney Kardashian was grilled about Scott Disick's troubles.Kim Kardashian may have found fame originally for a leaked sex tape but the smart businesswoman has cashed in on that fame and found a fortune through becoming a a tech entrepreneur and knowing what her audience want and when.In 2016 she was ranked #42 on Forbes 2016 Celebrity 100 with an annual income of million (£39.5 million) A lot of Kim’s wealth is mostly down to her sway over reality TV and the mobile gaming industry; the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app has had over 45 million downloads in less than three years, and has reportedly generated an income over the same period of £125 million.

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