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Victor recovered from it in time to fool her that he had fallen, then left to continue his spiritual journey, unaware that his family at home was in crisis.In May 2007, while Victor was mourning the supposed death of this son, Nick, Hope phoned Victor to let him know that their son, Victor, was missing and had been hanging out with a bad crowd.She asked him to stay out of their child's life, so the boy could be raised without the Newman influences, and they were later divorced.In 1996, as Victor recovered from a gunshot wound, his near-death experience prompted him to re-evaluate his life.Born April 24, 1995 Returned in 2008 and was said to be 27 years of age In 2012 his birthday was said to be April 27th Presumed dead after fiery car crash Jan 31, 2014 (body found, not his) Murdered by explosion of cabin Sep 1, 2016 (found tissues, matched) Former CEO of Chelsea 2.0 Worked out of Chicago for the largest hedge fund in Manhattan, was suddenly fired Former executive at Newman Enterprises Worked as an independent contractor for Jack Abbott, investigating the "Paragon Project" Former C. T.) John "Johnny" Abbott (nephew; son of Victoria via adoption) Katherine "Katie" Rose Abbott Newman (niece; daughter of Victoria and Billy) Faith Cassidy Newman (niece; goddaughter; while she was substituted for Ashley's baby) Beth [last name unknown] Skye Lockhart (deceased) (lovers) Heather Stevens [engagement broken] Rafe Torres Sharon Collins (lovers) Skye Lockhart (deceased) (lovers) Sharon Collins (lovers Chelsea Lawson (lovers) Melanie Daniels (lovers) Chelsea Lawson posing as Gabriel Bingham (lovers, 2015) Sage Warner (deceased)(one-night stand, 2015) Conspired with Jack to write a fake diary where Victor confessed to the murder of Walter Palin; convicted of forgery Escaped his ankle monitor several times Gaslighted Ashley, which caused her mental breakdown Gave Sharon's baby to Ashley as her own Blackmailed Dr.

He arrived to find her recently released from the hospital, because she had asked to be sent home to die.

Hope revealed to Victor that she had never been with a man sexually. When Victor proposed marriage to her, Hope accepted and they returned to Genoa City engaged. Victor and Hope were forced to do some serious soul-searching when her doctor said the baby could inherit her blindness.

When medical tests revealed that there was a good chance the baby would be born blind, Victor urged Hope to have an abortion, but she resisted, and the tension in their marriage escalated.

Victor stayed on a while, helping Hope out around the farm and feeling free, happy, and content like he was when they had first met there many years before.

One day, Hope entered the house to find Victor having a seizure on the floor, but because she was blind did not realize it.

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