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I just read the book but no writing out of Exerciese sor doing them. I read through about half of first book, i like the fact its funny type book but i felt confused to do the exercies. Couple of times i felt like selling them back but then when i look into vol 3 and 4, i see so much works, i kept them. This suggestion is only for you to learn GOOD amount of Arabic Words so you do not feel discourage to go over the book all alone by yourself, and then leave off your learning of Arabic by yourself while you have no ne to teach you.

There are cartoon type pictures - what i don't like is that all stuffs have faces, so i had to cover up all funny pictures that i didn't like to look at in vol 1 and 2, vol .

in DVD they just read words and say a sentence about each.

He currently resides in the UK where he is a Khateeb and also delivers weekly classes on various Islamic sciences.

If there is anything (links/books/audios/videos) not working or missing, kindly leave a comment on the post, Inshaa Allah i will try to get things back on place. Suggestion: I like this very much, people studying on their own.

AL-ARABIYA BAYNA YADAYK (Arabic Between Your Hands) This book is divided into four volumes and it contains textbooks and workbooks combined in one book.

(A soft copy of this book is included in the tuition of the course) The student needs to be familiar with the Arabic Alphabet.

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book - vol 1 is ok - not so advance but there are so many important grammar taught. But i was hesitant to touch the book because of amount of pictures in them.

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