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Twelve of his 16 career victories have come by way of knockout for an impressive 75% knockout-to-win ratio.When asked about the fight, Szpilka said, “I will surprise a lot of people with my style and really don’t care about people seeing Adamek as a clear favorite.Prior to the loss to Glazkov, Adamek had won his previous five fights in a row dating back to his fight with Klitschko (Mar.

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I look forward to satisfying my Polish fans with a knockout of Szpilka.” The young challenger, Szpilka, 25, has only 17 career fights as compared to the 52 professional fights Adamek has on his professional resume. He suffered a TKO at the hands of Bryant Jennings in the final round of a ten-round fight at Madison Square Garden in New York City, NY on Jan. This was the first loss of Szpilka’s young career since making his professional debut on Oct.

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