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At Malcovery Security we observe 600 to 800 newly created phishing sites per day.This study focused primarily on Gmail/Google phish from January 2014, and for part of the study focused specifically on 100 Gmail phishing websites.Often these details made use of prior “private” conversations in the phishing victim’s email sent items box!

For the 100 Google/Gmail phishing sites that the researchers studied, they found that depending on the structure of the page, as few as 3% of the visitors filled out the phishing form and submitted their data.These postulations doesn’t require nearly as much explanation as why that’s actually the 1967-68 Topps Hockey Test set, not the 1966-67.They both pivot not on a seldom-noticed pattern of player transactions, but the simple fact that cards in each set reference a team that didn’t exist in the supposed year of issuance. The cards are the size of the ’64 Giant Baseball set, but about six times as thick.If you’re testing to see if basketball would sell to the gum smackers of the late ‘60s, you’re not going to put out an outdated card of the sport’s biggest name, nor three cards from a team that had just changed cities.There’s also another bit of evidence that dates the set as 1967-68.

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